Sunday, October 18, 2009

san francisco portraits

Gender : Artist Statement

I photograph using documentary, directorial, and self-expressive methods. My goal is to photograph the various ways people express gender and sexuality. For me, this means expressing and accepting the “masculine” and the “feminine” whether one is male or female. My photos often show my underlying attraction to sexual /gender ambiguity.
I photograph sex workers, transvestites, performers, friends and friends of friends, whether gay or straight. I photograph people at Christmas parties, theme parties, Halloween, festivals and events, as well as times intended for nothing more than just playing dress up. Dressing up as someone other than oneself or another aspect of oneself, being ok with blurring boundaries and roles, brings the sexes closer together. This form of expression shows an outward rebelliousness to expected cultural norms. I create these images for their playfulness, their seductiveness, and for their rebelliousness.

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