Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Orleans, Post Hurricane Katrina

I am deeply affected by the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing crisis in New Orleans. I traveled to New Orleans in February and May of 2006, and March of 2007, to witness the state of the city and to photograph. I spent most of my time documenting the lower Ninth Ward neighborhood due to the extremity of the disaster there. However, I also photographed places in the upper Ninth Ward, Arabi, Chalmette, Mid-city, Lakeshore Park and City Park.
The purpose of my photos is to give voice to the people who have lost lives, family members, friends, pets, homes, neighborhoods, livelihoods, and the city they love. These images are meant to bring viewers into New Orleans’ experience of loss. They are meant to transport viewers into the streets, yards, homes, businesses, and churches of New Orleans’ residents. I hope my photographs will cause people to reflect on the many complex questions and concerns surrounding the disaster and its’ aftermath. I hope they cause people to ponder the significance of New Orleans as a historical and culturally important American city worth preserving and restoring.

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